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10 Childish Behaviours Girls Need To Stop In 2018

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Black Teenage Girl

Okay, 2018 is here already and we all have been about what should not be brought into the new year. Well, here is a shot to all the young girls out there. This is a rundown list of the childish behaviour we feel you should stop and not bring forward to 2018.

1. He asked you out, he didn’t ask your BFFs and every member of your family out. Don’t think because he asked you out, then he is now responsible for all your friends and family.

2. Don’t ask him for money: It’s his money, not yours. He has a job and that is why he can drive that nice car and take you out for nice dinners. If you need extra money, try getting a job. He is not your ATM.


3. Don’t bore him with all your family or personal issues: Seriously, you need to get a job. We didn’t ask you out so as to become Santa. You need to understand asking you out wasn’t because we don’t have other financial issues to deal with. Your rent, new phone, new laptop, family issues are not my responsibility. Deal with them!

4. Don’t lie you’re a virgin or lie about how you were deflowered: I mean, it’s 2018 already! We don’t really care if you are still a virgin or not. And to cap it all, we don’t really give a damn about the circumstances that led to you losing it in the first place. What’s with the ‘I was raped’ story?! It’s already a cliché!

5. Don’t make yourself an automatic girlfriend after the first séxual encounter: I still get surprised when ladies think just because you and I had séx, then it automatically makes you a girlfriend. Come on! We both enjoyed it. And to make matters worse, my neighbors may have even heard your screams. It was just séx; get over it.

6. Don’t start leaving personal things behind: We had a good time. We enjoyed each other’s company. I made you laugh. Suddenly, it’s time to start ‘guarding your territory’ by leaving your things behind. It doesn’t change a thing! It’s irritating and disgusting. Take your things with you, please!

7. Don’t rush him into marriage: It’s really not our fault that you are not getting younger anymore. After all, you probably contributed to why you are not married yet. After the first or second date and you are already asking about marriage? Come on!

8. Don’t touch our phones: What we do anytime we are holding the phone is our personal business. Ever heard of privacy?

9. Don’t come to the house unannounced: It’s still my house. My place of peace and zen. Don’t just barge in. We love our ‘me’ or ‘hommies’ time. Call before hand. And if we are indisposed, wait till we are free before coming over.

10. Don’t start taking things: I know the wrist watch or the shirt were lovely; and that was why I bought them for me. Wait till we get married before everything of mine become yours. At this rate, you may even take my car and convert it to yours.

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