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10 Kinds Of Relationships You Should Avoid If You Want To Live Long

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10 Kinds Of Relationships You Should Avoid If You Want To Live Long
Black talking on sofa

If you want to have a healthy life, there are some types of relationships you have to avoid. These are the kind of relationships that will not lead anywhere good for you. If you are facing any of the following, you should run for your life.

1. You should avoid a relationship that is based on sex alone. It has no future. If all you do is to sleep with each other instead of discussing things that will benefit your life then that relationship is a waste of time and destiny.

2. Avoid any relationship that has no direction, purpose or aim.

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Black couple having a couple disagreement
having a couple disagreement

3. Avoid any relationship that doesn’t add any positive impact on your life.

4. Run away from any relationship that gives you more sorrows than joy.

5. Run away from any relationship that makes you cry or gives you more tears and cry than laughter.

6. Do not stay in a relationship where you love someone but the person makes you unhappy many times.

7. When you see signs that a relationship can’t work, there is no need to remain in it. Flee from it. Don’t keep managing.

Young black couple feeling sad after arguing on sofa at home.
African American couple having problems in their relationship at home.

8. Avoid any relationship where you find yourself struggling to love your partner.

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9. Avoid any relationship where you are caged or restricted from your rights. No relationship should restrict you from your rights.

10. Avoid any relationship that will keep you far away from God. This is worth sharing for others to learn.

Wole Oduwole
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