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18 Things You Should Never Say To A Nigerian Woman During An Argument

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Different strokes for different folks, but here we’ve the right strokes for Nigerian ladies. Arguments are bound to happen in any relationship but there are some certain precautions you need to take when you’re dating a Nigerian lady in order not to heat up the situation.

Here are some tips:

1. ‘Why are you shouting?’

2. ‘Okay’
After she has ranted for a while, the only reply you can give is ‘okay’? Nah, bro.

3. ‘I’ve heard’
Heard what? What exactly have you heard? Did you hear or did you listen?

4. ‘Calm down’
This always has the opposite effect. You’ve just increased her anger by insinuating that she’s not in control of her emotions.

5. ‘Whatever’
Sorry is your name if you say this.

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