4 Ways Ooni Ogunwusi Makes History As Wuraola Confirms Marriage Collapse

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Ooni of Ife Oba Ogunwusi and Olori Wuraola

Earlier last week, the social media had feed heavily on the gist of Oonirisa in Ile Ife (Osun state) and Zaynab Otiti Ogunwusi divorce saga, after which the latter confirmed their split.

The confession of the Benin princess has elevated the drama to the realms of firsts. Not in the history of the ancient town celebrated as the cradle of mankind has this much scandal rocked the powerful throne.

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Here are 4 ways this confirmation by the estranged wife of the powerful King turned the scandal to a record breaking episode as compiled by

1. The King married a divorcee.

As the news of the marriage filtered in, it was established that Zaynab Otiti Obanor was indeed in another union. That as recent as December 2015, she was still involved with her Lebanese partner.

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Kings usually marry maidens. In fact, the Ooni is expected to marry ‘virgins’. And their March 12, 2016, wedlock was pervaded with so many frightening unpalatable tales.

2. The marriage lasted only 16 months.

Marriage to Kings are eternal, but this union broke records as very shortlived.

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Contracted on March 12, 2016, insiders claimed it collapsed in less than 6 months as bickering dogged the household. And by July 2017, Olori Wuraola had moved out of the palace.
The separation was confirmed on August 12, as the royal couple ignored one another at Lagos airport.

3. The scandals were well celebrated in the media.

The crisis crept into mainstream media on Monday, August 14. And ever since, more sensational details have emerged.

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4. The King ascended the throne as a bachelor.

The King and his first wife, Bimbo Bombata had parted ways as he was crowned in 2015. She made efforts to return, but it ended in a fiasco.

It’s unusual for a 40 year old King to be without a wife by his side.

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