9ice Responds To Falz On Singing For Yahoo Boys

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9ice and Falz

Few days ago, a video of Falz speaking on HipTv concerning how Nigerian musicians hyping and hailing Yahoo Boys went viral with quite a lot of mixed reactions from followers on the social media.

A few agreed with Falz whilst some rained insults/curse on him however the message was obvious to all Nigerians to comprehend.

With some people already linking what Falz said to 9ice Living Things song, 9ice is out right here to deal with the difficulty.

From a plain angle, 9ice was actually giving them kudos maybe ’cause they showered money on him and he thought the best way to thank them is by hailing them on his song.

But in apparent reaction, 9ice said he only urged individuals to go about their daily duties and earned their pay.

It’s not about promoting fraud so to speak, It’s about someone who wakes up in the morning and needs to go and earn a living. It’s not negative.

It’s positive, you just have to be in that realm to understand what the song is all about,” the singer told HipTv.

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