3 Ways To Import A Car Into Nigeria Without Breaking The Law

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Buying used cars from , America and other First-World countries is obviously cheaper than buying used cars from especially when you plan to have them resold for profit. Are you looking to start the business? Are you confused about how to import your cars into without getting into trouble with the cops and customs? I have the top 3 methods for you.

1. Get your licenses ready

Are you ready for business?

If you are importing the cars for business and not personal use, you would need to have your car dealership license ready and if possible, your certificate of incorporation too. These documents would certify you as an authentic car dealer and would put you out of trouble with the customs officer at the . And please, do not try to fake anything as counterfeited documents would be spotted easily, those people are looking for an excuse to claim one (or all) of your new cars.

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2. Reliability/Trust of Partners

prevention should be taken very seriously

You cannot be actively involved in every step of the way concerning the importation of your vehicles. Hence, only with reputable partners and dealers if you wouldn’t want to be defrauded. For example, unless you interact with a relative or friend based in the country you’re buying from, you would have to purchase the cars online. Besides, in Nigeria, only certified agents can clear vehicles at the ports, so everyone is literally at their mercy. The bottom line is that you should make all the necessary checks and be sure you are dealing with a trustworthy person or company.

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3. Learn immigration laws

Before making any purchase at all, acquaint yourself fully with all the immigration laws and customs requirements of the nation. It can save you from many possible . For instance, some have purchased cars from certain countries only to find out that the law bars shipping from those nations. Also, in Nigeria, vehicles manufactured more than fifteen years ago cannot enter the country. There are many more regulations that you need to find out before you pay to buy any car.

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Henry Ohaegbulam

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