A Teacher Proposes To His Students Mum And The Student And They Both Said “Yes”

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Man proposes

According to single mum Krysta, 29, her 10-year-old daughter Shyyra would often come home and talk about Jessie, her favorite teacher, who she nicknamed Mr. Thor because of his long blonde hair. Over the space of a year, the two adults would speak intermittently when Krysta came to drop off and pick her daughter up.

However Jessie was sure he felt a connection between them, so eventually worked up the nerve to ask her out on a coffee date in October 2015. The pair immediately hit it off, talking for hours.

And now they’re engaged!

Jessie, 26, is said to have put lots of thought into his proposal, initially planning to get young Shyyra involved in the big moment. He was going to take Krysta on a romantic walk and have Shyyra surprise her with a ring – but when the time came, Shyyra got her own special surprise.

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