Actress Talks On Nollywood Actors’ Attitude To Producers

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actress and screen writer , Odukoya has posted on her Facebook and Instagram story her opinion on Nollywood actors’ behaviour to upcoming producers.

Kehinde Olorunyomi Odukoya

The actress had expressed displeasure saying that actors shouldn’t collect money from upcoming producers if they would not help promote it.She further said that these producers source for money to pay them with the hope that once their movies get to the cinema, the actors would promote them posting on their various social media handles to get audience of their followers.

Some of you will collect the money and at the end of it all you won’t post,once they are tagging you ,you ignore it .They will be calling and begging you ,please help us post trailer”. she said.

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Kehinde stated that some actors even go as far as saying that they were begged to take up roles .She counters that by saying most actors take the job because they needed money and that the first service you render to yourself as an actor is your brand,she says actors should be more bothered about their brand than money.

The actress says that most actors who will eventually become producers will have the same experience.

She, however, advises producers that it is not compulsory that their first film must have A-listers.

“Budget what you can budget and make what you can make,it’s gradually, understand each actor terms”

She says they should thrive steadily and not allow the actors discourage them as some of them don’t even have the Nollywood recognition.

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