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African Body Painting Meets Photography In FOHLY’S MOMENT 2.0

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Adewale Adeyemo of Fohly’s Images brings African painting to life through photography in #fohlysmoment2.0. The second edition of the annual photo project was shot in Magboro, contemporary and indigenous paintings were on display.

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The photo session attracted top professionals from fashion and modelling.  Adewale Adeyemo revealed that Fohly’s Moment 2.0 is an introduction of something bigger coming up soon. 

Photographer: Adewale Adeyemo (Fohly’s images)
Creative Director: Gida Hills
Painting and Costume: Beyond Culture
Models: Homie Modeling Agency
Production Manager: Xyber Concept and Leemah 
Makeup: Olaide Faces and Shallar Make over
Project Coordinator: Homie and Hammed 
Welfare Director: Leemah 
Executive Producer: and Team MFH

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