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“Airpods Pro” Hands-On Review by Marques Brownlee

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Marques Brownlee reviews Airpods Pro
Marques Brownlee reviews Pro || YouTube

YouTuber, Marques Brownlee becomes the first to have a hands-on experience with the new Airpods Pro by . He has shared his first review of the product on his channel.

Apple presented the new Airpods Pro which costs $249 to Marques Brownlee on Monday, October 28, 2019.

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According to Marques, the Airpods Pro comes with better looks and compatibility to different ears. This goes to create a better user experience for those with bigger ears as there are three additional sized rubbers – the big, medium and small.

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Another fascinating feature Marques pointed out is the noise cancellation feature. This allows you to opt-in and out of noise cancellation. Meaning you can choose when you want to hear sounds from outside and not.

Watch the full review below:

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