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Album Review: On OṢÓ Brymo Creates Sacred Adept Sounds To Compile A Classic LP

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Brymo Oso album

Creating music for you to listen to with your ears then it forms a crescendo into your body and mind, you vibe with the sound and you feel it’s part of you already. carved a classical work on Oso (The Wizard)

Musicians are known to think deeply before putting pen to paper to create verse to merge with an hook/chorus, singing about this and that, real life happenings and that, seems Brymo sees all these as nothing special and as become part of him.

In Oso (The Wizard), Brymo spoke to souls, touched our inter-communal and personal relationships and maybe, possibly, this was the major ideology that gave rise to his sixth body of work. The 11th-track album is a project you need to listen to and learn as it’s takes you on a journey of entertainment, education I call it Edutainment.

The first song on the album ‘No Be Me’ began like a romantic love song but the lines of the verses switched on the go and the hook was sing thus “No be me create the world, no be you create the world, we dey point the finger at each other, but no be me create the world.” which later enlightened he was talking about reality. The next one ‘Mama’ he sang about maternal efforts and everything wich was a slow and steady with low tempo riddim. With the piano keys bringing the riddim Brymo sings about his believe in human effort despite the bad Nigerian situation in ‘Heya’

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You can hit it! don’t loose hope! That was the center message of ‘Patience & Goodluck’ when you failed at something recently this particular song can make you try again and get success. Oh yeah! ‘God is in your mind’ – one of the gloomiest cuts of the album – encourages us to be our own heroes. He sang on; “For the first time, gods are we, without a face. For the first time, gods are we, without a name…For the first time, God is in your mind.” inspired by the work of a Ghanian fine artist; where Brymo brought his vocal prowess accompanied by strong guitar-riff by David Ubani, and to the soulful “Bá’núsọ”; is Brymo embracing his destiny as Africa’s leading figure in the arts!

Brymo - Heya!

OṢÓ, the diary-like sixth album by Brymo brought propensity to evolve his art. Brymo brought class, growth and maturity to the table with this body of work.

Dedicated to keeping his art sacred, Brymo has blessed listeners with his strongest work till date, he flourishes on every song, he sings and passes his message across with ease.

Album Rating: 4.5/5

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