Angelina Jolie Does Not Want Brad Pitt Prosecuted For Child Abuse

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

The buzz is coming to halt, after divorce, little or no paparazzi will proceed the couple’s separation.

According to reports from TMZ, does NOT want prosecuted for child abuse, and if authorities go that route, she apparently will not be cooperating with them to file charges against the actor.

Of course, the pair has just recently reached a temporary custody deal, and while that deal has certain benchmarks to hit, it appears there is some sort of progress in the talks between sides as they split.

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Sources allegedly have uncovered that Angelina will “go radio silent” in the event that authorities move to build a case against Brad.

So although it sounds like his altercation with their 15-year-old son Maddox on their private jet was among the moments that pushed for the divorce in the first place, it’s not enough for criminal prosecution, at least in Angelina’s mind.

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Considering there were no injuries on Maddox, and conflicting accounts of what actually happened, anyways, charges were unlikely — but one might imagine that this would be the nail in the coffin there.

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