Apostle Johnson Suleman: Pastor Present Wife Shopping Mall And Petrol Station For Her Birthday

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Omega Fire Ministries pastor, has presented attractive gifts to his wife as she marked her birthday today.

The items gifted included a shopping mall, petrol station and transport company.

This was announced to a church congregation who sent out shouts of joy concerning the generous offer.

“There is a side different from ministry that people do not know. For those who don’t walk from the side, you don’t know that there is a shopping mall on the side.

“There is a gas station, there is a transport line. If you watch your screen, you will see it now,” says Suleman whose comment ushered in a display of newly built facilities.

“We had an agreement when we got married that I was going to have investments and she will handle the investments while I handle the ministry and she has done that perfectly well.

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“I don’t have much to say, I don’t have much to give but I built the shopping mall, the filling station and the transport company as a birthday gift for her,” the pastor told a congregation which cheered loudly upon hearing the announcement

His wife, Reverend (Dr.) Lizzy Johnson Suleman , was captured on her seat as she tried to prevent tears which have formed a cloud in her eyes.

Though a humanly act, the pastor’s generous act is likely to stir reactions concerning the priorities of clergymen who are perceived to be invested in living a luxurious lifestyle.

OAP Daddy Freeze’s position on tithe payment has generated controversy that has taken center stage in the hearts of some churches.
Church refuse refund request made by member who mistakenly paid N111k as tithe.


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Renowned On-Air Personality, Daddy Freeze has shared a phone conversation he had with a man named Kenneth who complained about his church’s refusal to return a sum of N111,000, he mistakenly paid as a tithe.

The complainant who intended to part with N11,000, revealed that he made payment via an online transfer but had found out after the service at Gloria Arena, Benin, that he had exceeded the planned value.

According to Kenneth, the Edo-based worship center insisted on holding on to the money claiming that it has already been submitted to God.

Daddy Freeze, who has established himself as a figure who has taken a reproachful view concerning the enforcement of tithe payment struggled to contain his emotions in a chat with the church-goer.

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