Apple Ranks Number 1 Valuable Company Of The Year Again

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Apple ranks the number 1 company of the year again.. follows up in second place…

For the fourth consecutive year, Apple has topped Interbrand’s annual ranking of being the most valuable brand of the year. The Cupertino company’s brand value rose by 5 percent to $178.1 billion.

This is significantly higher than Google, which ranked in second with a brand value of $133 billion. The company’s brand value did increase by 11 percent compared to 5 percent for Apple.

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It is commendable that Apple’s brand value has increased in the last year despite iPhone sales slowing down its new products like the MacBook and Apple Watch selling only in modest numbers, and its revenue declining.


The report from Interbrand praises Apple for increasing its ecosystem value by building products that are interoperable with each other. This interoperability makes it easier for users to quickly switch between various new Apple devices without any hassle.

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Apple is the Alpha of Cohesiveness in full effect.


In Interbrand’s top growing brands of 2016 list though, Apple was nowhere to be found, with Facebook coming in at the top with a 48 percent in its brand value in a single year. Amazon ranked in second with its brand value rising by 33 percent.

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