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Apple’s Engineer Loses Job After Daughter’s iPhone X Video Goes Viral

|| Tienphong

The mission of higher youtube gathering of people prompted the terminating of an Apple engineer today.

How did this happen? One of the architects relegated to the assignment at Apple was sacked from his activity as a specialist after his girl made a hands-on video about the when the is yet to be discharged for clients use.

Truly, iPhone has revealed the iPhone x yet it doesn’t mean representatives have the freedom to share quality data individuals didn’t become more acquainted with amid the disclose occasion.

This Apple architect and his little girl needed to find out about it barely.

The YouTuber named Brooke brought the video down instantly apple asked for, however, the harm had just been done as the video had effectively circulated around the web, a few people may have even downloaded it.


Brooke said she and her dad comprehended the choice and weren’t irate at Apple. What’s more, push this wasn’t a typical iPhone X. As a worker gadget, it had delicate data like codenames for unreleased products and staff-specific QR codes. Combine that with Apple’s general prohibition of recording video on campus (even at relatively open spaces like Caffè Macs) and this wasn’t so much about maintaining the surprise as making sure that corporate secrets didn’t get out. Apple certainly didn’t want to send the message that recording pre-release devices was acceptable.

The possibility of Apple calling the engineer back to employment is very faint.
Let’s just hope Brooke would be able to take care of her family with the money she will earn from the hands-on video before it was taken down, which I doubt.



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