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Apple’s iPhone 11 Likely To Be Released Soon

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Apple set to release iPhone 11 soon

Going by recent leaks, new clues, and history, it is safe to say that will be launching the 11 very soon.

Reports indicate that the smartphone may be unveiled at a special Apple press event scheduled for September 10.

Taking the company’s history into consideration, there is a reasonable chance that the iPhone 11 pre-orders will begin on Friday, September 13. Apple usually releases its iPhones a week later, usually on a Friday. So, it’s a probability that the iPhone 11 will hit store shelves on September 20.

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This is hot on the heels of Samsung’s Note 10 launch on August 7.

While Apple has played it safe this year, Samsung, , and Huawei have been delivering eye-catching phones packed with innovative features. Worthy of note is the fact that these phones are often considerably less expensive than the iPhone. But Apple executives have undoubtedly been paying attention and we should expect a lot of incremental upgrades like advanced cameras, faster chips, the latest version of the operating system (iOS 13) and a handful of other modest refinements.

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As the countdown to the iPhone 11 debut begins, there is sure to be interesting information surfacing soon.

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