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Are Christian Men Se~xually Disadvantaged In Marriage

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Most Christians, men to be precise, are passing through a lot in marriage concerning sex and today, I will try to give an explanation.

Christians, particularly a God-fearing Man are only allowed to marry a single wife and are not allowed to seek for sexual pleasure from any other woman apart from his wife.

Most times, Christian men find themselves in very tight positions because their wives refuse to give them sex.

You hear some married Christian women telling their husbands that they can only give him sex like once a week or twice in a month while the man is burning and dying in silence.

These women know very well that their husbands cannot go outside the marriage to have sex because of his Christian faith and the fear of God so they take their husbands for granted.

Personally, I think this is wickedness. These same women will shout and cry if their husbands should look for another sex partner but will always have excuses why they cannot have sex regularly.

They always have one reason or the other why their husbands should leave them alone yet sex is a vital and critical need for a man. If a man is under sexual tension it affects many other things in his life.

I have discovered that women married to unbelieving men are more careful with their husbands and always eager to satisfy him sexually.

This is due to the reason that, they know that the man will not stress himself too much by going and looking elsewhere for a woman that can satisfy him on the bed.


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