‘Avoid Having Satan As In-Law’- Mike Bamiloye Talks About Marriage

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'Avoid Having Satan As In-Law'- Mike Bamiloye Talks About Marriage
‘Avoid Having Satan As In-Law’- Talks About Marriage

Producer and founder of Mount Zion drama ministry, Mike Bamiloye advises people who are in haste to get married in one of his recent posts on Instagram.

According to the 59-year-old pastor, those in haste to get married will get Satan’s cousins as suitors.

He encourages patience saying that waiting for the Lord’s choice is worth it.

He added that it is advisable to pay the price of patience and wait for Gods’ choice to avoid having Satans as in-laws.

If you are too much in haste to get hooked in marriage, Satan will quickly package one of his cousins for you as a suitor,” he wrote on Instagram. “You really don’t want to know what it means to have Satan for an in-law! Pay all the price of patience you can pay now. The Lord’s choice is worth waiting for. ”

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