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Awww! See Selfies Taken By Brazilian Players Before The Plane Crash

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Images show two , Defender (right in the two pictures) and goalkeeper (next to Ruschel), posing for selfies during the journey from Brazil before the crash with Ruschel, 27, telling fans:


‘We’re coming Colombia’. Both Ruschel and Danilo were pulled alive from the wreckage but Danilo later died in hospital.

The jet split in two when it crashed in mountains shortly at around 10pm local time, shortly before it was due to land.


The hero pilot is reported to have opened a fuel door to release fuel and prevent a huge explosion in the seconds after the crash. Had the plane exploded then it is likely all onboard would have been killed. Five people survived however the pilot also died.

Ruschel – who suffered a broken hip and head injuries – was heard asking medics to look after his wedding ring as he arrived at hospital, local media reports.

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