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Bakare Faults Buhari’s Comment On Pastors’ Involvement In Politics, Questions Osinbajo’s Role

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Pastor Tunde Bakare
The founder of Latter Rain Assembly, has reacted to advice to Pastors not to engage in partisan politics.

had urged religious leaders to desist from partisan politics in order not to lose their respect and public status in the society.

then advised religious leaders and traditional rulers to encourage their adherents and subjects to read every political party’s manifesto carefully and vote wisely in the 2019 general elections.

But reacting, Bakare faulted Buhari, saying every pastor has the right to participate in politics while questioning Vice President, ’s involvement in politics despite being a pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG.

He, however noted that the president was referring to pastors who are causing unnecessary trouble in the country.

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Bakare speaking with The Sun said: “When asked about such things, I don’t react, in the book that I studied; I only find Acts of Apostles. I don’t react to things that others say, I just say my own. The way that you know a stick is crooked is when you place a straight stick by its side.

“Mr. President must have reasons for saying what he said. I wasn’t in the country when it was said, so I take it that you are quoting it accurately.

“I think he said, church leaders who get involved in partisan politics will lose the esteem of their people.

“But the question to ask is the Vice President, not a pastor? Did I stop being a pastor when I was his running mate?

“I am sure he is addressing this to those who seem to create unnecessary storm in the teacup because I still do the things I do, I remain a Christian, I remain a pastor.

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“I’m sure he is trying to hit at those who are causing unnecessary trouble. If Christians and pastors are not involved in politics, are you robbing them of their citizen’s right of association, human right of freedom of speech? Let situate the statement within the context and not take it out of that,” Bakare said.

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