#BBNaija: Tacha In Tears After Housemates Reveal Feelings Towards Her

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#BBNaija: What Toke Makinwa Said About Tacha Will Shock You

’s controversial housemate, Tacha was seen crying under the covers after Diane and Cindy opened up on how they felt about her outburst on Friday.

Recall that the controversial housemate had a fight with Diane over the missing red box which was kept in the latter’s care.

However, she wasn’t the only one shouting as was also seen pouring out her anger on Elozonam.

decided to ask Diane and Cindy about the serial entrepreneur’s outburst.

This led to another round of outrage from the controversial housemate.

Feeling she was hated by her colleagues, Tacha shuck under the duvet to let out feelings.

Omashola also had something sweet to say about her.

Watch the below:

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📌📌📌 So our girl stayed out late last night crying after letting out so much hurt inside of her out. . She is going through a lot at this point and the saddest part of the emotional trauma she’s going through now in the house is that PEOPLE ARE OUT here JUDGING, CONDEMNING and MISUNDERSTANDING her every move. . All she needs from anyone who cares about her now is love and utmost understanding. . We’re glad a fellow housemate has a bit of understanding of the kind of person she truly is. Thank you Shola🙏🏽. (WATCH VIDEO TILL THE END TO SEE.) . Every human wasn’t built to act in a particular way. She hates to keep and store things in mind. She is okay with letting everything she feels out and sometimes this comes off as her being “confrontational and rude” . If Tacha has an issue with you, she comes to you straight and says it as she feels and sorts it right there or moments after. If she does not, then she clearly has no issue with you at all. It is something she has consistently done since she stepped her feet in the house and it exactly who she is. . She hates to hold a grudge. . It is sad how people HATE her for staying true to being herself in the house. It is shocking the kind of hate for her we get to deal with everyday. . Her cry last night broke us. She is human too(A STRONG ONE) Prefers to deal with her emotions differently. Has an issue with you this minute and settles the next minute to avoid a build up. . She does NOT deserve the pain she’s having to deal with. She does NOT deserve the hurt she’s feeling over a game. She deserves Love. She deserves peace. . Please tone it down a bit and support whoever you wish to without fights. . Titans, I see all the unwavering LOVE you spread around her and understand you want only the best for her. Please keep the energy positive and void of negativity for TOGETHER WE CAN 💪🏽🤝. . Have a pleasant week ahead.

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