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B.o.B – Soul Glo

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Soul Glo

Song by 
Genre: Hip-hop
Released 23 April 2019

Though he may very well hold true on a technicality by abstaining from projects altogether, B.o.B has decided to take mercy on his fanbase and unleash a new loosie called “Soul Glo.”

The track arrives alongside a Coming To America inspired video, which adds an added layer of titular soul to B.o.B’s latest vibe.

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Quotable Lyrics:

Damn homie, I invoke the dead homies on the other side
To bring this shit back alive, back alive
Back alive
No one really die
You sound hurt,all you do is complain
You the face of a “niggas ain’t shit” campaign
Seven circuits in your brain you addicted to pain
Addicted to the chemicals that get released in your vains
Just let your soul grow


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