BUSTED! New Tricks POS Agents Now Use To Steal Customers’ Money

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POS Agents in Nigeria

How Fraudsters among POS Agents can use your without OTP to Withdraw Money from your Accounts

Today, I let you know how fraudsters among POS agents can withdraw money from your bank account using your ATM without any OTP pins

Some POS Agents are fraudsters and some still sell your bank details to Fraudsters

Here are the methods they use:

  • When you get to a fraudsters POS agent. He will tell you there is no Network on his POS.
    He will ask you to let him use his phone to withdraw money for you using an online wallet (Quickteller, Opay, WalletNg, etc). He will collect your card to input your card details into his wallet to add your card. check below what details of your card he will input.
  • The F**ked Up Moment: After input of your card details including your cvv, ATM card number, ATM expiry date, Your Date of Birth. He will try to save your card details.
  • After the transaction is successful, the money will enter his wallet and give your Cash and return your card.
  • The Real Fraud: First transaction on a card the bank will send an OTP to your phone to authorize the payment. When you become his loyal customer, He will be using the app to withdraw money from your account.
  • After several withdrawals on your card from the app. The app will recognize your card as an authorized cardholder anytime he wants to withdraw money and it will not send OTP to your phone again.
  • The Confusion: Then he starts to withdraw a small amount of money from your account, like N100 and you might start thinking it is from your bank.
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This a major cause of the various debit alerts you get and confuse for bank charges

Imagine he does that for 20 customers per day that is N100 X 20 = N2000 on his wallet per day.

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Safe Measures: Please, don’t allow any POS agent to withdraw your money using his phone. if there is no network on POS, wait till there is network or kindly go to the bank to withdraw your money.

Kindly share this good information with the people around you to protect their money.

Wole Oduwole
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