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Cheating Woman Declares That Hubby “Is Not Man Enough” To Satisfy Her Sexually

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Blessing Ndlovu from Bulawayo has said that she is now living in fear of her husband, Nicholas Ncube, who assaulted her using a metal rod when he caught her red-handed bedding another man. To make the matter worse, Ndlovu had previously told Ncube that his bedroom skills were woefully inadequate. A family source who spoke to weekly tabloid, B-Metro, told the publication,

He has failed to do his husbandly duties in the bedroom. Ndlovu has complained several times to the family. She has been starving for a few years now and therefore, she sought the solution from other men who could do the job. She was caught having sex with another man which made her husband to beat her with a metal rod.

When reached for comment, Ndlovu confirmed that she had cheated although she blamed this on her husband. She also added that she regretted her actions.

He severely beat me after he caught me with another man. He used a metal rod on my head. He is a weak man and has failed to have sex with me for a few years now.

He will never forgive me for this. He will continue to beat me, I’m afraid to go back to my marital home. He is a vengeful person and does not forget things easily. I really regret sleeping with another man but the situation was becoming unbearable, it is difficult for a married woman to go for years without sex.

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