COVID-19: Vaccine Cannot Wipe Out Pandemic – Scientists

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According to new research by scientists at King’s College London, a vaccine will not be able to annihilate the pandemic.

The scientists say that just like the common cold, the coronavirus could come back every year, adding that immunity to the virus may only last a matter of months.

It was also revealed that the scientists analyzed the immune response in more than 90 NHS healthcare workers and patients to examine the strength of viral antibodies.

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The results suggest that a vaccine may not be the end of the deadly disease and the scientists stated that regular boosters may be required to protect against the pandemic in the future.

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Dr. Katie Doores, the lead author who specializes in research on naturalizing antibody responses against pathogenic viruses told  UK news outlet, The Guardian:

People are producing a reasonable antibody response to the virus, but it’s waning over a short period of time.

Infection tends to give you the best-case scenario for an antibody response, so if your infection is giving you antibody levels that wane in two to three months, the vaccine will potentially do the same thing.

People may need boosting and one shot might not be sufficient.”

Results from the study also showed peak immunity to COVID-19 occurred about 3 weeks after the onset of symptoms before a steep decline.

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While the researchers found out that the strength of naturally-produced antibodies was dependent on the severity of symptoms, they recorded a drop-off in the body’s ability to fight the virus.

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