David Beckham And Victoria’s $1.2 Billion Divorce

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When Victoria Beckham went on stage to accept her People’s Choice Fashion Icon Award on Nov. 11, people couldn’t help but notice her speech revolved around her solo success, and her husband David got a but a mere nod of acknowledgment.< a href="https://talkglitz.tv/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/David-Beckham-and-Victoria-divorce.jpg">David Beckham and Victoria divorce

Well, it seems like a solo focused speech was more revealing than we thought, as an insider told OK! magazine that the reason behind her female empowerment speech that didn’t mention her husband was because their 19-year marriage is indeed over.

The US tabloid reports that the couple is running head first into a $1.2 billion divorce, a decision that was spurred on by David’s very public comments on his marriage which labeled the union, “hard work” and “complicated”.

“Victoria was in tears over David’s harsh words and the will to save her crumbling marriage seems to have deserted her. This has clearly been a long time coming,” an insider told OK!

It wasn’t long after David’s very pointed comments that Victoria decided to head to a wellness retreat for the weekend to reflect upon her marriage.

A source further told OK! that it was there Victoria started to wonder if divorce was on the cards, “She obviously needed time to herself, to reflect on the events that have torpedoed her [marriage]”.

It was after these triggering comments when Victoria and David came to Australia with their kids for the Invictus Games.

Insiders claimed the couple looked “absolutely miserable” in Sydney.

The magazine further suggests Victoria and David weren’t even sleeping in the same room while on their family holiday in sunny Sydney, and even though the couple is usually very active on social media, Victoria hasn’t posted a photo with her husband since September 17.

OK! also reports that the real reason Victoriadidn’t join her fellow Spice Girls for their reunion tour is that she’s gearing herself up for a messy and expensive divorce.

The source said, “She’s not doing the tour because she’ll need every ounce of strength to deal with the problems on the home front,” the source added, “If they divorce, there’s a $1.2 billion fortune at stake.”

Both Victoria and David’s reps have denied divorce allegations.

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