DMX: Judge Rethinks After Rapper Played His Song In Court

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DMX sentence one year jail term
U.S rapper, dogded maximum sentence for tax fraud offence after playing one of his songs to the judge in Court. The rapper could have been sentenced to jail for five years for not paying $1.7m (£1.2m) for tax.

After listening to the song the judge tagged DMX, 47, ‘a good man’ which later resulted to the rapper paying $2.3m (£1.6m) to the tax authorities and sentenced to one year imprisonment.

The rapper’s lawyer explained the significance of the song ‘Slippin’ (the song that was played to the judge) was that it shows how DMX’s difficult upbringing meaning he wasn’t prepared for the responsibility of having lots of money.

“See, to live is to suffer/But to survive/Well, that’s to find meaning in the suffering,” he raps in the 1998 track.

Prosecutors had said that DMX paid royalty cheques into the bank accounts of other people to avoid paying tax.

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