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Don Q – I’m Not Joyner

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emerges with another controversial diss song “I’m Not Joyner”

‘I’m Not Joyner’‘ is a diss track directly at . The track’s release was triggered by Tory’s large and recent declaration that he was the best rapper alive currently.

The song’s content references the “beef” between and Tory back in November, triggered by Tory saying that Joyner “couldn’t fuck with him.” He also claimed he could out rap a number of other people, most notably and .

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Quotable Lyrics:

Perfect example of nigga tryna work up a scandal
You ain’t never played the first with the samples
Turnin’ yay to rock since ‘Ye was on the Roc workin’ with samples
Pick the wrong person to amp you in front of this audience
Now let’s get more intense, hollows is stuffed in the .40 clip
Oh, Tory rich? I’ll line the kid up like Tori Brixx
I ain’t none of these backpack, rap cats you been goin’ against
Put money I’ll back smack and start snatchin’ all Tory’s shit
I ain’t Joyner Lucas, never went to college, I’m a corner student
Before the music, white tainted pills and it’s all-inclusive
This ain’t what you wanted, stupid, I threw the bait

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