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Do Not Get Married For These 5 Reasons

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Do Not Get Married For These 5 Reasons
Do Not Get Married For These 5 Reasons

While there are good reasons to get married, there are wrong reasons also. TalkGlitz states these reasons below, it is advisable one avoid them.

Marriage is one of the most fascinating unions appreciated in human society. Some even believe there is a certain age everyone is expected to be married, making it seems like marriage is compulsory.  Although marriage is beautiful but that does not imply that you should get married for a reason that does not worth it.

People get married for various reasons; however these five reasons are why nobody should get married:

Do Not Get Married For These 5 Reasons
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1, To avoid being lonely: although marriage is for companionship, you now have a someone to play and share burdens with. This however is not an antidote to loneliness, before thinking of getting married at all, find a friend in yourself, enjoy yourself company which is the beginning of self-love and discovery.  After loving yourself, love and find friends in people around you. If you have people around you and you still feel lonely, definitely when you are married, with just your partner you will still be lonely. Do not think the feeling of being lonely will disappear when you get married, learn to enjoy yourself company and interact with families and friends around you. When you do this you will be more alive and not be considering marriage as a cure to your loneliness.

2. Pressure: this can be from friends, families and even from the society. It can be that your parents are always pressuring you to get married, or your friends are married and you think you are ripe for marriage too. I tell you the truth marriage is not a competition so calm down. These people maybe rushing you, you must ensure not to rush yourself. You should decide when it is best for you to get married regardless of what the society or anybody is saying. You have the finally say over your own life. So don’t feel intimidated by your friends getting married or anybody trying to make you see marriage as the greatest achievement.  Keep away from any form of pressure and properly decide when you are fully prepared and ready to get married.

3. To have a mind blowing wedding: I love wedding and almost everyone does. Wedding is beautiful and always full of fun. However, this is not a genuine reason to get married. The truth is that your wedding is just one day but your marriage is for a lifetime. Your reason for wanting to get married should be for marriage sake and not wedding sake. Having a blissful wedding is what you should consider before a trending wedding. You can still have a mind bowing wedding if that is your dream but should not be the reason for your marriage.

4. To spite an Ex: there are many ways you can decide to spite an Ex but I tell you not with your marriage. You don’t owe anybody to get married. See marriage as your right than an instrument of revenge. You should decide to enjoy this right or you just neglect it. Your Ex may even be married before you, let it be like congratulations to you, I decide my life.   Even if you feel like making your ex know that he or she miss a lot for not having you, show your record breaking achievements and not by getting married. Marriage may just be over-hyped, it is not an achievement. Be more concern on impacting lives than spiting an ex with your marriage.

5. To have sex and give birth to children: sexual intercourse and childbearing is common in marriage, honestly having sex is a pleasurable feeling but that even is not a good reason to get married. Have sex and give birth because you are ready to and not get married because of that. Most especially now, that there are several ways a person can have children without giving birth. Dear, have genuine reason for marriage than sex and child bearing. If your religion asks you to wait for sex until marriage, you might be tempted to rush the wedding so as to know what sex feels like.  Instead of rushing to be married, wait till you are ready and see sex as just a means of expressing love to your partner just like buying him/her gifts, keeping his/her company and nothing more special to be considered a reason to get married.

Other wrong reasons for getting married are: money/ financial influence, guilt from parents, to get present,  age factor, to be called Mrs. etc.

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