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Do We Really Need 6GB Of RAM On Our Smartphones?

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Phones with 6GB RAM

Alright, before we talk about how many giga-bytes we can put into a smartphone, let’s make sure everybody knows what that is – and how it fits in with other components… ***Google RAM wink

The more RAM a system has – whether that’s a PC for video editing, Programming or a smartphone; Gaming and Apps – has been proven to speed up performance. In practical application, this means more apps, and more complicated apps can reside in memory at the same time. When things reside in memory (rather than storage) they load faster, look better, and can do all sorts of witchcraft-bang stuff.

Suleiman writes:

Today’s smartphones usually sport between 1GB and 3GB RAM – with two being the “sweet spot” where performance meets value. Flagships, like Tecno Phantom 6plus Surprised you, me and the world with Super Fast core and of course 4GB RAM – cramming four whopping gigs of RAM inside. Does it help, compared to phones with a “paltry” two gig? Sure it does. Is it worth the extra cash to get the additional gig? Probably not.

I remembered correctly ”few years back”, me and my friends discussing the possibilities of having 3-4GB RAM in a Smartphone. Well i guess that was some ”few years back”
– Quick Questions
Do today’s apps “need” six (or eight) GB RAM to power them? Where are the gamer? Of course not. Would I trade the 3GB in my Tecno Phantom 6 for 1GB? Nope.

What that leaves us with is the same type of question we asked few years back: Is a 6GB smartphone simply overkill, or is it strategically helping to “future-proof” for the apps and OS of tomorrow? We certainly aren’t going to say that my Phantom 6’s 3GB RAM ought to be enough for for everyday tasks until 2020” – but I’m curious to hear your thoughts!


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