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Kiss Daniel – No Do [New Song]

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Following his exit from G-Worldwide Entertainment, releases his debut song, No Do under his newly established record imprint, FlyBoi Inc.

No Do is a positive sound with Kiss Daniel bringing his awesome melody to play in the jam. It doesn’t seem like we’d get tired of his infusion anything soon ’cause the singer keeps hitting us refreshingly with a twist.

Quotable Lyrics:


See this life, I no like trouble oo
One man thing is another man struggle oo
Money no dey today, money go dey tomorrow oo
Feel good it’s a happy day

Peperipe peperi pepe
No go dey do pass yourself
Peperipe peperi pepe
No go dey do pass yourself

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  1. AY Generation says

    Kiss Daniel dis jx a dope hit man we jx luv it carry go…….

  2. Ife says

    At first ,I thought this guy Kiss Daniel won’t have much to offer on the music scene when he first came out, thinking he will soon fade out of the market not knowing that I was mistaken him for another.
    Guy, you’re mouthed, continue the vibes and never change the good vibes you’re giving we your fans. 👍

  3. precious says

    KISS Danie is my number 1 artist , i really love his songs keep it up bro you are talented

  4. Anonymous says

    This guy is too good

  5. yomight says

    Kiss Daniel u re just 2 much

  6. mac says

    …the thing is that his beats are wonders both in G world wide and now

  7. Anonymous says

    kiss d u dae gud

  8. Matt says

    Kiss you are good i luv ur song boss

  9. Damian says

    cwiously I feel on top of the world
    u ar really something bro.
    keep up the good work
    continue giving the best.
    d Lord is Ur strength big bro

  10. collins says

    kiss danlie is a gud singer and I love his songs

  11. Panic says

    Kiss Daniel is best singer keep it up bro

  12. Emma says

    Nice song Daniel

  13. Michael says

    Kiss Daniel more grace to ur elbow

    1. Anonymous says

      i use to like how kiss give u very very cool songs

  14. Omolola says

    Cool song indeed i💙 love the tune,copied from NTA Tails By Moonlight

  15. Jennifer Agara says

    Peperipe peperipepe
    No go dey do pass yourself
    I love this song

  16. Anonymous says

    me and my boyfriend love ur songs kiss Daniel keep it up bro💗

  17. Anonymous says

    nice one kiss daniel i love ur voice

  18. Anonymous says

    dope one bro

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