Drama As Man Tries To Glue Wife’s Vagina To Stop Her From Cheating

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There was drama in a small village in Kitui as shocked residents turned up to witness a bizarre incident where a middle aged man thought it was a good idea to seal wife’s private parts with glue after reports reached him that his wife was seeing other men.

The man identified as Denis Mumo, who is a casual laborer is said to be away most of the time and came back to the shocking news that his wife had been bringing other men home.

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The residents who had turned up to lynched the man who seal wife’s private parts with glue were disappointed as the man had fled. They only found the wife in excruciating pain, unable to pass urine and they took her to hospital.

Upon carrying out investigations, Mumo found texts messages and nude pictures on the wife’s phone. One nude picture said to have irked the man is one with the caption showing that the wife had sex with another man over the weekend.

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” I was shocked to find that my wife of 10 years has been cheating on me with many men. I am really disappointed”, said Mumo. It’s at this juncture the enraged husband is reported to have decided to seal his Wife’s private parts with glue.

With the help of a neighbor who is on the run, Mumo tied up his wife and applied super glue on her private parts.

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The 36-year old man arrested by police on Saturday was arraigned at Kitui law courts on Monday. The court directed the accused be remanded for 7 days to allow police complete investigations. He will face charges of domestic violence with assault and damaging the reproductive organs of his wife.

The wife was rushed to hospital where doctors said they will perform surgery to restore her private parts. Mumo appeared remorseful, saying he doesn’t regret the heinous act.


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