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Dax – “I’m Not Joyner Or Don Q” (Tory Lanez Diss)

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has come heavy for in his a diss track, “I’m Not Joyner or

Canadian rapper Dax hops on the bandwagon of rappers that have dissed Tory Lanez after the latter claimed to be “the best rapper alive.”

After teasing the song on his Instagram, Dax shared screenshots of his DM’s with Tory where Tory appeared to ask him not to drop the diss track, contrary to his recent behavior of eagerly stepping up to any challenge.

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Dax eventually decided to release the track anyways, promoting it as a friendly competition.

In the track, Dax asserts that Tory’s music is shallow and he won’t have a legacy once he stops rapping, rather than dissing his physical appearance or sexual deeds.

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Dax raps over the instrumental of ’s “Duppy Freestyle”, which was a diss track aimed at & .

Quotable Lyrics:

Tory Lanez you better stay in your lane
Stick to rappin’ ’bout the bitches, money, cars and cocaine
I ain’t hatin’ ’cause I know you puttin’ food on the plate
But if you have no substance you can’t be great
You got bars lil’ nigga but they hold no weight
I move mountains with my shit make the whole world shake
I know you feel this shit in your soul
Word on the street Lil’ Tory love suckin’ on toes
I’m J-Cole the way I diss niggas

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