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Ecobank Recharge Code: How To Buy Airtime From Your Bank

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Ecobank Recharge code

The code for instant airtime recharge on your mobile phone with your allows you to conveniently load your phone line without having to step out.

The USSD transfer method evolved years back and as been celebrated for its effectiveness among customers.


For Ecobank customers, all you require is the phone number connected to your bank account. Meaning you can only have it done with the phone number linked to your bank.

The direct simple code for recharge is *326*amount#

E.g. If you’re trying to recharge N1,000 you dial *326*1000# and it automatically credits your line with 1000 naira worth of airtime which will be deducted from your bank account.

Can I recharge other phone numbers with the Ecobank Recharge Code?

No, you can’t. Sorry the option is not available on the USSD recharge. You can only perform self-recharge. Any other third-party transaction will involve you using the mobile app.

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