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Elections2016: Donald Trump Leading Hillary Clinton In Battle For US President

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Projections from ABC election analyst Antony Green put on 259 Electoral College votes and he says “at this stage, all the numbers are leading towards a Trump victory” in the US election. Antony Green says the result of the election may come down to what happens in Wisconsin. He’s predicting 259 electoral college votes for already (remember, Green can call seats which US networks can’t yet, so some of his numbers are different to theirs)

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If they secured Wisconsin (which is looking likely), that’s 10 more EC votes, bringing them to 269. At this point it would be a tie, and Donald Trump would only need one more vote. But even if he doesn’t win that one extra vote, it then gets thrown to the floor of the House of Representatives, which is controlled by Republicans. So they’ll vote for President Trump.

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