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EME Manager, Francis Jackson Uchegbu Writes On The “Qualities Of An Entertainer”

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Francis Jackson Uchegbu who is currently an Undergraduate in the University of Jos, Nigeria and also Eagle Mind Entertainment Artist and Label Manager, he manages artist like KELLYWANE [EME’s CEO], MC UTABA, YUNGPRINCE, KELVIN, ZECKI who are all artist signed under the record label. He wrote this short speech while being interviewed by a group of Journalist in regards to being an Entertianer and an Artist.

According to Him, Whether you plan on belting lyrics into a microphone or twirling fiery rings in a traveling circus, the qualities that help you entertain an audience change very little. Some qualities take a front-and-center seat, responsible for bringing your act alive and drawing people in. Others sit behind the scenes, leading you to your initial and future successes.

He wrote below some qualities that a good Entertainer should posses.

There’s not a whole lot of entertainment to be had without enthusiasm. Your deliveries rely on enthusiasm, and not in just over-the-top, boisterous deliveries, but the low-key ones too. Picture an actor playing the role of a depressed and apathetic person. If the actor is not enthusiastic about the role, it’s going to show. He won’t appear convincing or pull the audience in. Enthusiasm also spawns commitment. Commitment, which consists of a willingness to improve, breeds talent. Some people are born with natural talent, but if they don’t identify their weaknesses and improve upon them, they’ll hit a wall quickly. Talent is specific to each type of entertainer. A career as a stand-up comedian, for instance, calls for a vastly different host of talents than career as a musician.

Great actors bubble with confidence. Confidence enables you to put on a believable act. It makes your delivery convincing and makes whatever scene you’re in entertaining. Without confidence, your movements seem stiff, your words drip with nervousness and uncertainty and you’re unable to really tap into the talents you have. Confidence comes partly from practice and knowing that you have the talent to entertain and partly from a mindset that pushes away doubt and worry.

No matter the type of entertainer you want to become, being able to change and adapt will help keep you relevant and successful. Sometimes changes that you have no control over happen. Consider a musician in the 1990s. Artists at that time had limited avenues to connect with their fans. Once computers, the Internet and social media became the norm, successful artists had to adapt and use the suddenly numerous avenues to connect with their fan base, grow their brands and, ultimately, become more visible. Entertainers also need to have the capacity to change things themselves. Consider your favorite actors. They probably have the ability to act in a variety of genres, as the best ones usually do. But they likely started out acting in one genre and then adapted to others. Relying on one genre limits your career growth. Even musicians, who often stick to one genre, incorporate different types of songs within that genre into their albums.

Great entertainers have creative and imaginative minds. This is especially true of entertainers who create their own acts, such as stand-up comedians. But even entertainers who work within a framework created by others, such as actors, often collaborate with everyone to help create acts and scenes that are funnier, more romantic or filled with more drama — whatever the acts and scenes call for.


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