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Eminem Kamikaze Album Review

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Eminem Kamikaze Album Review
Album Review

Cra’y fact. I’ve never been a big fan of Eminem‘s music.. hell I’m not a fan of his music at all.. And it’s not that I don’t recognize the fact that he’s one of the’s just been that whilst y’all was vibing to em..i was listening to other artists and when I did choose to vibe I didn’t like what I heard. But I’ll be open here and listen with a heart to enjoy. Don’t mean I’m gon be bias though.

1. The Ringer: Got my lyrics reader with me whilst listening to this and yo.. I’m scared for the folks he’s going at. Like yo this is fire and brimstone on these niggas.. Lol and em also comes for niggas like me who write reviews..welps.. (guess I got to prepare my reply😒)..fuck I haven’t heard a diss track this fire.. I mean yes barbie tingz(Nicki Minaj) was hot but this. This is a whole nother level..I’m giving it a ten Yo..10/10

2. Greatest in the world: lol so i kinda found it hard to keep up with the lyrics on this. I mean I was reading yeah. But Em was being Em🤦..anyways Em is kinda reaffirming that he’s the greatest in the world and also throwing shades at certain folks I don’t know.. Em interpolate Kendrick’s humble on this. 7/10

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3. Lucky You: Hearing this and I’m thinking yo this Big Sean?.. Check it out and I see it’s Joyner(lucas)..i like this’s that kind of shi I can vibe too.. U know new school rap/trap shi.. From the lyrics to em’s verse it’s clear he was really pained his album b4 this didn’t do so also pours out his anger at them face tattoo drawing rappers. U know them yeah.. 8/10

4. Normal: finally a break from all the diss and all.. Em talks about relationships in this and how stressful they can be..i kinda like the story to this song. Was literally painting a whole movie up in my head. Listen with lyrics to 8/10

5. Stepping Stone: Eminem seems to be talking about his old rap group (D-12) on this the chorus get as e be sha but Em’s chorus are always like that never really dope..the verses on this are filled with some strong as details if u was a fan of D-12 m sure u would be able to relate. I wasn’t a fan didn’t know about them but I can still fuck with this.. 8/10

6. Not alike ft Royce da 5’9″: funny how this is an album that supposedly takes a shot at almost everyone in the Hip Hop industry.. Eminem features an artiste he once dissed. Well I guess that means all can be forgiven even after this album then…lol this one’s definitely for Migos😂😂..Royce comes thru wit a very solid verse. Especially like the kapri styles and mya G references(if u know u know 😌) em is just an agbaya sha seun ya right ..8/10

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7. Kamikaze: em airs out his issue with ghostwriting and mumble rap(yes this was plagiarized I nor too like this one so I nor fit stress) 7/10

8. Fall: on verse 2 em goes hard on Joe budden..comes hard on akademiks too(m sure Nicki’s smiling somewhere)..hooks good too. Eminem also comes for the Grammys..(low-key I like this diss)

9. Nice guy: somehow I get what this song is about and somehow I don’t. I’m probably just tired so I’ll just jump to rating if 7/10

10. Good guy: Eminem asks a very salient question “Guys, when someone you’d die for
Sticks a steak knife in your heart, do you try more?”.hehe this a song I’d like to write/dedicate to the one who done hurt my feelings..

11. Venom: Finally last song..i don tire I dey H. Try rate am by yourself 😂..

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Ratings and what they mean:

7 – not a fan but should sound good to certain ears or under different circumstances
8 – Yes!! I’ll fvck with this anyday
10 – overwhelmed with what av listened too. Too good

Verdict: finding the average of the ratings, Eminem’s Kamikaze will thus be rated 8/10

Reviewed by Ogbeni Sinzu
IG/Twitter :@ogbeni_shinzu

Thanks for reading this long piece of work..if you made it this far o fucking love you. Bye for now