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Empire Season 3 Episode 17 [WATCH]

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Empire Season 3 Episode 17

The intrigues continue in Episode 17 of series, . Titled Toil and Trouble, Part 1, with just one episode to round up the season, it’s becoming juicier with more suspense.

Baby Bella is with the Dubios, though their suspicion was right but they moved from it after threatening Angelo to no avail. Now, Lucious calls back Tariq, his half brother who worked with the FBI to help find Bella. Of course he did, but something tragic happened to him and the Lyons have yet another corpse to bury.

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Giuliana is getting comfortable in her partnership with Lucious as she gets him to fire Thirsty, his right hand man. What was Lucious thinking? Perhaps he’s up to something. Giving Giuliana all these pleasures further pisses Cookie off as she finds a way of throwing her out.

Jamal’s When Cookie Met Lucious is being held back amid the Vegas Club hype and rest.

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