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Empire Season 4 Episode 14 ~ “False Face”

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In season 4 episode 14 titled “False Face”, continues to make moves on how to kiss out after discovering his mischief. However, Eddie has succeeded in winning the board over that making the artists under his management stick up to the top spot on the chart.

on her end is quite busy trying to resolve a friend’s mystery. She finally finds Poundcake’s daughter in a dance academy. Noticing her being starstudded at the mention of “”, she quickly came up with the plan of inviting her over to Empire for a feature in Tiana’s video. That appeared cool, but it took another turn when Tiana arrogantly snapped out on her. Cookie hurriedly followed her as she was dashing out of Empire. Right there, she broke it to her that her real mother needed to see her as she’s dying. Unfortunately, Cookie’s bait failed, Poundcake’s daughter isn’t ready for any reconciliation. Obviously, her mom is in her bad book.

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Back to Empire, and Jamal Lyon need to move up on the chart ’cause that’s the only way they could overhaul Eddie’s scheme. Lucious charges the boys. finds the right spot to do his music listening party, kudos to his new ally. He took him to the 90s setting and boom, he reclaimed the number spot with the same song, displacing Tiana. As for Jamal Lyon, he’s got another underground artist he wants on a song, alongside Tory Ash but the dude is a something far from rash. He rebuffed at first, then reconnected with Jamal to hear him out.

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Andre Lyon is making restitution for all his wrong deeds. He was actually the one who backed Hakeem to go for the 90s theme listening party. He’s back to being the good brother to his brothers.

Lyon couldn’t push Eddie out of Empire with his calculated schemes. He plans to go the gangster way. Thirsty had to brief Cookie who’s been in the dark of the whole Eddie’s situation and she steps in to create better resolve. Eventually, they got Eddie to resign. The last scene of this episode captures the moment Eddie was having a meeting with Anika to get her help in getting Empire.

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