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Empire Season 4 Episode 16 ~ “Fair Terms”

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Season 4 Episode 16 titled “Fair Terms” opened with Thirsty tidying up Shine’s corpse. With Shine being eliminated, there’s a need to have him replaced on the board. Tactically, his death was announced, Shine’s sister, Nessa made a tribute performance.

The power tussle between and is still on. They both need the vote of Shine’s representative. Nessa has stepped into his brother’s position and Anika has given her assurance benefits but Lucious, Andre and Cookie swung in with more reassuring benefits.

Cookie finally got to reunite with her mother after so many years of discord. Being influenced by Poundcake’s situation, she invites her mom for a union with her sister, Candace and Carol. Right there, at the lunch table, it became obvious that Cookie still has some reservations for her mom.

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Lucious has got another masterplan to unveil “The House Of Lyon” and the board was practically buying the idea until Eddie created another create by digging out the incriminating past of Blake, the new artist that has been with Hakeem. The video of Blake in an act racism at the age of 12 was broadcasted live on stage. This was a huge taunt for Lucious.

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Eddie also steps in to resolve the situation as Lucious rages at the board members, saying it wasn’t his fault and stating that he never planned for it. Of course the board allowed Eddie to step into the situation and he went their right in the public to declare Empire’s dissociation with Blake and his contract null and void. This further infuriated Lucious and there was some ruffling right there on the stage. This is another major item for the press.

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