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Empire Season 4 Episode 17 ~ “Bloody Noses and Crack’d Crowns”

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This has to be the most intense episode of the season. “Bloody Noses and Crack’d Crowns”, Season 4 Episode 17 which aired on Wednesday, May 16, 2018, is actually full of intrigue.

has successfully forced Lucious out of Empire and now scheming the board to sell the music company. Wounded is bent on get it back at all cost. After much brainstormings, they decided the only way to save Empire is to buy it but then, there is a financial constraint.

makes a move for a concert to raise money leaving Lucious with no choice but to agree. Now they got it all planned. Blake goes on air confronting his father about the racist video that ousted his from Empire. This went viral and positively became an interest of Lucious – he wants him on the concert headliner.

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picks the major role to save Empire. He formed an alliance with Baker and Anika to get Empire off but he was doing that in favour of his family. Eddie got fooled by Andre whom he underrated. shook the concert when he finally unveiled his anonymous band with is currently the number one.

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gave Tiana the shock of her life when he stepped out to perform with his new actress girlfriend. Everything seems to be on the upturn for the Lyons. Figures moving up and finally, they got Empire back.

Eddie Baker won’t back out. He’s got something to hold Lucious on a ransom for. He’s dug out evidence linking Lucious to the murder of Shine and he wants him to drop Empire or face jail.

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