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Empire Season 4 Episode 4 – Bleeding War S04E04

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Empire Season 4 episode 4 bleeding war download

Empire Season 4 episode 4 – Bleeding War which aired on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 takes many scenes in its first few minutes to the trying times of in jail. As demanded by Lucious, Cookie snapped back in memory lane to her ugly experiences while she was locked behind bars.

Lucious, looking ready to face the real word asked Cookie to lead him on to Empire that saying he’s ready to run things. However, apparently, he wasn’t ready when he got too soft and emotional to run what he has built with ruggedness, sweat and blood. Cookie had to lay him back home.

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Anika is back, her first encounter with Lucious sparked another fire as she let it out that she’d been in jail for him – exactly what Lucious doesn’t want to hear. While tendering his sincere apology, Andre finally let out an outburst of what has been eating him up. The family is all about Bella’s birthday, who was born on the same day he lost his wife, Rhonda. He reminded them of how they shoved it down and Anika had to get away after murdering his own wife. Awww! Another revelation Lucious went soft at.

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Jamal’s bond with Warren is getting stronger and the latter has his loyalty to the Dubois. It appears like he’s no longer in support of the Dubois getting back at the Lyons but what can he do.

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Lucious’s walk through his evil memory lane – will that make him stronger or weaker?

Watch Episode 4 here:

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