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Empire Season 4 Episode 5 – The Fool

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After taking a two-week unscheduled break off transmission, FOX TV returned with the Season 4 Episode 5 – The Fool. This is one episode that literally blew everyone away. Just when the trumpet got blown about ‘s Amnesia, he suddenly regained his memory.

is on the run with Bella after Anita filed to take sole custody of Bella. He had a physical confrontation with Angelo Dubois which has made matters worse. Running off to Cuba is the only thing on his mind.

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TMZ broke the news about Lucious’s illness to the public leaving Cookie with no option but to drag him down to face the press. Lucious stood up against his amnesia to defend his Empire legacy. It was quite challenging but it, fortunately, opened him to the real Lucious quicker than anyone could think of.

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Poor Claudia became sucked up in her emotions with Lucious. Now that she had helped him regain his memory, she will be taken off the scene.

We also had a Déjà vu feeling the moment Veronika surfaced in the booth. Episode 5 – The Fool leaves us with more suspense.

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