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Empire Season 4 Episode 6 – Fortune Be Not Crost

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season 4 episode 6 titled Fortune Be Not Crost saw us to the most intriguing point as the whole episode was practically on the court hearing of who wins the custody of baby Bella.

After episode 5 left us with Lucious Lyon regaining his full memory, but we’re yet to see him in the real Lucious action. Angelo Dubois who stood in as Anika’s defense counsel trampled on The Lyons at the slightest opportunities, he did it so much that the judge had to call him to order. ‘Your fawns are beginning to show’, the judge said to Angelo after he’d coming bashing on Tiana away from interrogating her.

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Lucious, for the first time since the bomb incident, earned the trust of his family as he stood in the witness box for Hakeem. He was quite strategic still play around his amnesia and spike an air of sympathy. Same with Hakeem Lyon when he stepped into the witness box, he raised some doubts about Anika’s capabilities of taking care of Bella. Obviously, Hakeem had performed his parental duty well enough to know Bella.

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However, things fell off The Lyons’ way when Mrs. Dubios came in as a witness and spilled it all between herself and Hakeem. At that moment, Hakeem chances became doomed!

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