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Empire Season 4 Episode 7 – The Lady Doth Protest

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Empire Season 4 Episode 7

The previous episode of , Episode 6 left us with a clue that might come fighting back hard in this Episode 7 – The Lady Doth Protest. But contrary to that, a lot still have to go down before the beast in him takes full shape.

Porsha joins Kelvin in his protest against Empire and it looks like a showdown for the interim adviser, Eddie Baker and . Shine isn’t left out as well, as he joins in the protest against Empire management. However, Cookie came on board with a proper strategy to get them back to work winning them over with her prison experience.

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Jamal is being worked on by his Dubois’s set-up lover, Warren but he fortunately failed threesome trap. Lucious takes it up to get Bella back. In his meeting with Anika, he proposes a settlement deal to share in Bella’s custody but uninformed Lucious and the Lyons were in for another surprise.

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The Dubois scored another point against the Lyons.

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