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Empire Season 5 Episode 1 – “Steal From The Thief”

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FOX TV returns with a new Season and its first episode, “Steal From The Thief” is one that reveals a whole lot and definitely suspense-filled.

The twist in Episode 1 is just so weird as it didn’t continue from we it stopped. We got never-seen flashbacks and memories. The Lyons are more determined to get Empire back and they have actually succeeded in taking down only for the later to murdered by his wife.

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Andre has predicted is serving a two-year jail term for his involvement in Anika’s murder and we just discovered who was the victim of the gunfire opened by Blake’s father – Hakeem!

got shot in the arm by Blake’s father and he’s currently going through some trauma as a result. He also lost his vocals, finding it difficult to record and perform. Blake who also sustained some injuries from the gun attack eventually hijacked the rifle from his father and killed him.

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The revamped Empire just signed a Prison Warden, Treasure who sings beautifully well. Jamal who just returned from London with his boyfriend is made to stay back as the Lyons unite to bring Empire back.

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