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Empire Season 5 Episode 12 – “Shift and Save Yourself”

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In this episode of Season 5 Episode 12 titled “Shift and Save Yourself”, Lawyer Thirsty seems to be the one in the fries.

Inasmuchas he doesn’t want the Damon Cross and ’s paths to cross again, he couldn’t help it and this spells more trouble for the rigid lawyer who’s been through some shady times with both evil geniuses.

Thirsty is being invited by the FBI and he was taken aback by how much they’ve gathered from trailing him.

Maya, feeling she’s not getting her hands on enough pesters for some ideas brewing up in her head but too-busy Cookie turns her Porsha.

is having a whole lot to put up with Tiana and Treasure as they won’t come to terms. He seeks to know what exactly they both got on each other and to his amazement and to their foolishness, they’ve have been riding on Eddie’s twist.

Andre Lyon got the shock of his life that he has few months to live as he’s as stage 4 lymphatic cancer. At the moment, he’s handling it alone with Teri bearing the concerns. He’s not letting his family have the knowledge of this health condition, at least, not now.

Damon Cross has got one thing on Lucious, something the later isn’t even aware of. Damon thinks he’s more devilish than Lucious and Thirsty is convinced with a little experience with him. How do all these connect? Find out!



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