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Empire Season 5 Episode 8 – “Master of What Is Mine Own”

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Download Empire Season 5 Episode 8 S05E08

Season 5 Episode 8 did not really take us farther as expected but unfolded some new plots. Titled “Master of What Is Mine Own”, and Cookie are currently having the loathsome battle after Candace busted on Cookie what she’s been hiding away from her husband.

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Jeff Kingsley is certainly in for some surprises as the Lyons are already closing on his scheme and major intruder also found out his reasons for hating on the Lyons.

might have committed the biggest mistake of his life by laying his gun carelessly around for Bella to play with.

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Now Episode 8 has got a suspense-filled ending as to who she pulled the trigger on. This brings us closer to the Lucious and a coffin scene which is likely to be an aftermath of the ugly experience.

DOWNLOAD Empire Season 5 Episode 8 S05E08

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