Fans Express Shock Over Jet Li’s Health After Recent Photos Surface Online

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Jet Li in 2018

A recent photo of Martial Arts actor, which has gone viral has got fans worried about his health conditions as he was apparently looking frail and unrecognizable.

Jet Li looking sick
First pic: Jet Li standing right (2018)

Long known for his youthful looks and acrobatic moves spanning decades of action movies, in recent years Li has battled hyperthyroidism, a condition that can cause fatigue and weight loss and that has previously ignited rumors of Li’s declining health.

Jet Li revealed in 2013 he was suffering from a slew of health issues, including hyperthyroidism, spinal problems and a heart condition. He was first diagnosed with an overactive thyroid in 2010 and took medication to control it.

Jet Li in 2009
Jet Li in 2009
Jet Li and Aaliyah 2000 Romeo Must Die
Jet Li and Aaliyah in “Romeo Must Die” (2000)

In a video posted to Li’s official Instagram last December, the actor wished fans a happy new year.

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