Featuring OduNews.com, One Of Nigeria’s Most Visited Online Newspaper

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OduNews.com is a Nigerian based news website (or Naija news website) and online Newspaper that provides latest news updates in Nigeria ranging from politics to showbiz, entertainment, sport, movies, lifestyle, editorials and opinions.

About OduNews.com

Of all Nigerian Newspapers online, OduNews.com ranks at the top as one the most visited news site recording over 1 million visits within its first two weeks of launching out.

OduDiscover and OduViews are two main exclusive categories on the Online News platform.

As for OduDiscover, it features articles and background profiling of underground stars who are worthy of the spotlight. OduDiscover puts them under the radar and showcases all that have been unlocked about these people to entire visitors to see. In other words, it’s a Feature News category that is exclusive to OduNews.com alone

OduViews is the Editorial page for opinion articles in the areas of politics, entertainment and other social issues. Unlike Punch Newspaper Articles, OduViews focuses more on trending issues to create editorial topics for publication.

In the area of Entertainment News, OduNews.com has a great command as one of the leading Entertainment News websites in Nigeria today as it’s usually first when it comes to Naija news updates. Celebrity Gossips – which includes Naija Gossip, Celebrity Photos, Nollywood Latest News, Celebrity Breaking News amongst others.

In the area of Technology News, OduNews.com covers a wide range of tech news updates including social media news. At the moment, OduNews.com shares traffic sources with other top-notch tech news sites.

Movies News: OduNews.com is updated when it comes to movie and box offices, latest movie reviews, also latest movies on Netflix.

Music News is also another category OduNews.com currently holds down latest music in Nigeria and world hip-hop music.


Although the domain was secured in 2017 OduNews.com was launched and became live on November 1, 2019. The website, OduNews.com is registered in its originating country, Nigeria under the name Odu Maverick Media Publishing by ‘Wole Oduwole, who is also the CEO and Founder.


As at the time of filing the post, OduNews.com ranks 410 on Alexa as the most visited website in Nigeria and 135,340 globally.


Within its few weeks of operation, OduNews.com has becomes an Online News website in Nigeria to reckon with as it now rubs shoulders with the likes of Punch Newspaper, Vanguard News, The Nation Newspaper and the likes.


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